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Bach Flower Remedies We are pleased to offer you the wellness benefits of Bach Flower Remedies. Below please find a Quick Guide to the Remedies, as well as a Bach Flower Questionnaire to assist you in choosing the right Flower Essences for your current needs. Please call our office today for additional information 864-458-8888.


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pH Balance and Alkaline WaterThe buzz about the importance of an ALKALINE internal pH became very loud after the book The pH Miracle was published in 2003. I must mention here that followers of the importance of a “balanced internal pH” have been around since the 1920’s.

The pH (potential of hydrogen) ranges from 0 to 14 — above 7.0, alkaline and below 7.0, acidic. Our blood pH is strictly maintained between 7.35 and 7.45 (slightly alkaline) when the body is at homeostasis. Organs and fluids will fluctuate in their range in order to keep the blood at the right pH.

Most of what we eat, processed and refined food; and drink, water, sodas and other bottled drinks and coffee; what we are breathing in (toxic overload), and the stress of our daily routine add to our bodies’ acidity.

To view the health effects of an acidic environment such as:
– Low energy and Chronic Fatigue
– Weight gain

Water is our body’s most important nutrient and is involved in every bodily function. See how HERE

If you would like to know YOUR internal pH contact our office to receive a complimentary test at 864-458-8888.